A Little Bit About Us

A Company Like No Other

Dowd Greene started in the overhead door business in 1963 with Crawford Door of Charlotte. In 1968 he joined Overhead Door of Charlotte under the management of then Lewis Nathanson, doing special work of Rolling Steel Doors, seals, shelders, and pit-type dock levelers. In 1985 he started Greene's Trucking Co. along with a door business, hauling RollingSteel Doors from Pennsylvania, south to five states: Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida until 1989. In 1989 he formed Greene's Overhead Doors until present date.

He married his childhood sweetheart and next-door neighbor in 1966 - Paulette Whitley - and have two daughters in the medical field, as well as their son-in-law who is a key part in working with them. They have made many friends in their long years of business together; as they say "an extended family". They grow to love all of our customers and respect their schedules and try to work with them. If the customers have personal issues that they confide in Dowd and Paulette with, they call to check on their health.

At Greene's Overhead Doors, they care about their customers as much as they care about the doors.